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Word counter(Can count the number of any specified phrases in the document)

Specified characters:

Statistical results:

  • Characters:0
  • Without spaces:0
  • Words:0
  • Letters:0
  • En punctuations:0
  • Number of digits:0
  • Digital words:0
  • Total number of rows:0
  • Other characters:0

Specified character(phrase):

  • Specified character 1:0
  • Specified character 2:0
  • Specified character 3:0
  • Specified character 4:0
  • Specified character 5:0
  • Specified character 6:0

Word counter(Character count) help:

1.General Statistics: Copy the text into the text box and immediately display the statistical results on the right (including the total number of characters, the total number of letters and words, the total number of Chinese characters and punctuation, the total number of numbers, the number of lines, etc).

2.Statistics specified characters: Enter text (phrase) to the right of "Specify characters", multiple can be separated by commas. For example, the word count calculator, Character count, and then click "Submit" to display the statistical results.

3.Only the specified characters are counted: If "Count only specified characters" is selected, the general statistics items of "Characters(With spaces)" to "Other Characters" are not counted. When there are more characters, it is recommended to check.

4.Without spaces: Does not include spaces, line breaks, a word or a number word (a combination of numbers) counts only one word, a single letter and a number counts a word.

5.Words and numbers: an independent letter counts a word; an independent number counts a number word.

6.Each percentage is calculated as: the value/the total character without spaces, such as the percentage of words = the number of words/the total characters without spaces.