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Power adapter light of Ac laptop or monitor does not turn on(Samsung laptop ac adapter not working)

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Now desktop computer monitors, like laptop computers, also use a power adapter to convert the 220V voltage to low voltage to power them. Generally speaking, laptop power adapters are better than desktop computer monitor power adapters. After all, the price of laptops is much higher, so power adapters of desktop computer monitor are prone to problems, such as its light is off, and if so, it will directly cause the light of monitor to be off.

After the power adapter has a problem, although it is not expensive, do not rush to buy a new one, because it may not be broken, especially not long after it was bought, it may be a problem with the cable, especially some cheap monitors, the quality of cables is often not good, and the outer insulation of some wires rots as soon as it is torn, and the quality of the copper wires inside is not good, and it is easy to burn out. Therefore, you can try to check if there is a problem with the cable, and then check the power adapter if there is no problem. If it is determined that it is a problem, then buy a new one.


1. Problem: The light of monitor power adapter will be on for a while and then black.(Samsung laptop ac adapter not working)

The host is running normally, but the display light is not on. The monitor was okay when it was last turned off the same day. Check the power adapter, and its light is not on, so it can be determined that it is not powered on. The monitor has just been bought for 5 months, and the power adapter is as bright as new. It's still Samsung's. It can't be broken so quickly. As we all know, Samsung monitors are more durable. Then check whether the interface between the power adapter and the monitor and the socket are plugged in firmly. Repeated plugging and unplugging several times, there is no looseness, but the problem remains, indicating that there is no problem with the interface.

So after turning on the power, after about 10 minutes, the power adapter's light suddenly flashed, especially bright, and the monitor's light also flickered. They all went dark for a while. After a few minutes, they flashed again and again and again. After about 2 hours, their lights are no longer black, but they turn black immediately after turning on the host, because data is outputed to the screen needs more power, indicating that it is powered insufficiency may be caused by poor contact. Check the wires of the power adapter to the socket. One of the outer insulation glue was burned out, and the three inner wires were exposed. The copper wires of the two wires were also burned. When they came together, the power adapter and monitor lights are on.


2. Solve

Cut the three inner wires of the power adapter's power cord from the melting point, and then reconnect them. The power adapter and monitor's lights are on, and the host is normal.

There is also a case where the outer layer of the power adapter's wire is intact and no problem can be seen from the surface, but the copper wires of the inner wire is broken. This situation should not be found. How should I check? For the broken copper wires, its hardness is particularly poor, and it will break at the moment of pulling, so you can check it by pulling it one by one. During the inspection, the force should not be too large, and it should be gradually increased to avoid breaking the good parts.

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