How to check windows version - retail vs volume license(difference)

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The Volume and Retail version are more commonly used for Windows 10, 8, and 7. What is the difference between them? Why do so many people care about whether they install the Volume or retail version? As a user, usually the system can be used and easy to use; if there is a problem, it means that you have encountered trouble in use, and this trouble must be related to the difference between the two versions. Let us start here.


 I. Retail vs volume license Windows(The difference between Volume and retail version in Windows)

1. The Volume version is used for group volume licenses and is also an easily activated version; Retail version is boxed and sold to individuals. A serial number can only activate one computer. It is difficult to activate without a serial number. FPP(Full Packaged Product) is a boxed retail version. The CD label inside has the words "FPP". However, Windows 8 has cancelled the FPP product line, so Windows 8 marked FPP on the market are fake.

2. Regardless of whether it is the Volume or Retail version, the system functions are similar, but the activation method is somewhat different.


II. How to check windows version

1. Run "Command Prompt" as an administrator, select "Start" → All Programs → Accessories → Right-click "Command Prompt" → select "Run as Administrator", open the "Command Prompt" window.

Shortcut key to open the "Command Prompt" window: Windows logo key(left Ctrl right) + R.

2. Enter slmgr /dlv, press Enter, and a Windows "Windows Script Host" will pop up. "Product Key Channel" shows Retail, which means it is a retail version. However, if the Volume version is activated with the serial number of retail version, Retail may be displayed here, which may be related to the serial number.

3. In addition, it also displays the detailed version number of Windows. For example, Windows 8.1 displays 6.3.9600.16402(software authorization service version); Windows server 2019 displays 10.0.17763.802.

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