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Computer power off automatically (first turn on, automatically power off for a while, second normal)

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The automatic power-off of the computer is mainly divided into two cases, one is that the power is automatically cut off after a while after the first power-on, and the second power-on is normal; the other is that the power is automatically cut off no matter how many times you turn it on. The first case is not serious, it is usually caused by the temperature is too low and the equipment is aging. For example, when my computer has been used for 5 and a half years, when the temperature is about 0 degrees Celsius, the first time it is turned on for a while, it will automatically power off, but the second time it is turned on immediately, it can start normally. The second case is usually due to a broken device.

The automatic power-off when the computer is turned on is often caused by a problem with the power supply or motherboard. Other components may also cause this problem, for example, a problem with the graphics card. There is also a case: if there is a problem with the cooling components, such as the fan not running, causing the temperature of the CPU, Monitor or Motherboard to exceed the maximum allowed, the system will automatically shut down. The latter two cases are easy to rule out, mainly how to determine whether it is the power supply or motherboard problem.


I. The reason and how to solve the first case of Computer power off automatically: the first time it is turned on, it will automatically power off after a while, and the second time it is turned on normally

1. Reason: due to the aging of the Power supply or Motherboard and low temperature. For example, the Power supply or Motherboard has been used for more than 5 years, and the temperature has dropped to about 0 degrees Celsius, which will happen to the computer.

2. Solution: Power on the computer a few minutes before it is turned on, and it will not automatically power off the first time it is turned on. If that doesn't work, extend the power-on time to the computer.


II. The reason and how to solve the second case of Computer power off automatically (automatic power off every time it is turned on)

1. Reason: The Power Supply or Motherboard is broken.

2. Solution:

(1) Disassemble the case and check if there is a capacitor burst on the Motherboard; if not, remove the Power Supply, and then disassemble it to see if there is a capacitor burst.

(2) If the use time is the same, the Motherboard is not so easy to break compared to the Power Supply, and the Pwer Supply is easier to replace than the motherboard. Therefore, we can first change a normal Power Supply to see if the computer boots normally. If it is normal, it means that it is a Power Supply problem; if there is still a problem, it means that it is a Motherboard problem, and you can only change the Motherboard to continue searching.

If the Power Supply is broken, it is better to buy another, after all, it is not expensive. If it is the Motherboard, if the computer has not been bought for a long time and is still in the warranty period, you can send it for repair; if the warranty period is exceeded, the brand Motherboard can be repaired, and non-brand replacement is better. It is better to buy a brand of Motherboard, so there are fewer problems. If it is an old Motherboard that is no longer available on the market, you can find a reputable second-hand computer accessories store, and you can buy a Motherboard without problems from them, otherwise there will be many problems.