My website is being redirected to another site and domain Dns is hijacked, how to fix?

Lionsure 2021-11-08 Original by the website

In order to make money quickly, some people with wrong intentions do not hesitate to use the method of attacking other people's websites. For example, it is often encountered that code is embedded in the website to download a certain software or App, that is, to forcibly embed the download link into the attacked webpage, open the webpage with a computer to prompt the download, and open the webpage with a mobile phone to automatically download it directly . In another case, the attacked website is redirected to another website, such as downloading to a website that downloads an App.

As we all know, after an App is developed, it needs to be promoted. The development company often assigns the task to a certain advertising alliance, and the advertising alliance assigns the task to someone. Some unscrupulous people take the task and promote it by attacking some websites with traffic, so that they can make money faster. In order to make full use of the attacked website, they do not redirect the attacked website every time, often open several times and redirect once. On the one hand, it is relatively hidden and difficult for the webmaster to find. On the other hand, the website will not be quickly punished by search engines to reduce traffic.


1. My website is being redirected to another site (My domain is being redirected), How to achieve?

Directly embedding the code into a web page file is easier to find and solve. It is generally not used now. Most of them use a more concealed method, namely attacking a server on the same LAN as the target website, which is an Arp attack. This method is implemented by embedding the code in the package sent by the attacked website to the user requesting to open the webpage; when the user requests the attacked website to open a webpage, the server transmits the requested content to the user through the packages, and the attacker uses a server on the same LAN as the attacked website to intercept these packets, embeds the downloaded code into the packages, and then sends them to the user. The user receives the tampered content and prompts to download or be redirected as soon as it is opened.


2. My website is being redirected to another site, domain Dns is hijacked and Arp spoofing attack. How to fix?

You only need to install an Arp software to solve it. It will intercept all Arp attacks and ensure that the content sent to users is not tampered with by attackers on the same local area network, so that it will not be embed code or redirected. Arp software has been developed by many companies. AntiARP can be used. The company that developed this software has closed down, but there are still many websites that provide downloads.