Why does Windows 10 black screen on boot for a long time(cause tracking)

Lionsure 2020-09-25 Original by the website

Sometimes, after Windows 10 starts to display some hardware information(the laptop displays the brand), the screen does not display any text or images, and it stays blank and takes a long time. It feels like something is wrong with the computer. This phenomenon is rarely seen in Windows 7 or Windows 8.

As we all know, the operating system has to go through several stages to start up. The first is to check the hardware, and the system is loaded when the hardware is OK. From the perspective of Windows 10 black screen on boot, the hardware has been checked, that is, the stage of loading the system; if it is a Windows 7 system, the screen will display a beautiful animation at this stage, and the files required by the system will be loaded in the background; and Windows 10 shows nothing. There are two possibilities in this situation. One is that the system has a problem, and the other is that the system silently loads files or processes system changes in the background, but the foreground screen does not display.

The long black screen after booting from Windows 10 does not appear every time you boot, but occasionally. It can be inferred that there is no problem with the Windows 10 system, but no display in the foreground when processing in the backgroun. This is that the interactivity of Windows 10 is not as good as the previous system, not every step of the system startup is displayed.

Let's think about it again. The long black screen after Windows 10 boot appears after we did something. This situation often occurs after we uninstall the software or install an update. From this we can see:

The reasons for Windows 10 black screen on boot is:

After uninstalling the software or installing the update, the next time you boot, Windows 10 will deal with the system changes accordingly, and the screen does not display any information and is in a black screen state. If the processing takes a long time, the black screen will last longer. Of course, this is also related to the configuration of computer hardware. The configure high processing speed naturally, and vice versa.

In addition, it should be noted that the normal black screen of Windows 10 should be distinguished from the black screen when the problem occurs. How should this be different?

It is actually very easy to distinguish. The normal black screen often passes within a few minutes. The system has a problem with the black screen for a long time, and even the screen stays blank. Therefore, if the black screen time is relatively long(such as: 20 minutes), there is no need to wait any longer.

The above are related reasons for Windows 10 black screen on boot. Of course, in addition to the normal black screen and system problems, it may also be a problem with the computer hardware, which must be judged according to the specific situation.