Windows 10 time wrong after last shutdown(time stay)

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When I first used Windows 10, I found the time display error. When I changed it and shut down, I started the desktop next time, and the Windows 10 time wrong is remained. If it's a newly bought computer(especially a laptop), I think it's a problem with the computer, especially the motherboard(the motherboard battery is dead, and the time is often confused), because this has never happened in the previous system. What is the time delay after Windows 10 shuts down?

First, explain that Windows 10 time wrong is not a computer problem, so you don't need to find a computer vendor for a new computer. Windows 10 has added an option to the date and time settings. If it is not checked, after shutting down, the time will not go forward and stay at the time when shutting down. As for what this newly added option is, see the setting steps below.


The method to correct the Windows 10 time wrong after shutdown:

I. Quick steps

Click "Time" at the bottom right corner of screen → Date and time settings → Change "Set time automatically" to "On".


II. Detailed steps to correct Windows 10 time wrong

1. Click "Time" in the lower right corner of desktop, and a small window will pop up as shown in Figure 1:

Windows 10 time wrong

Figure 1

2. Click "Date and Time Settings", open the "Date and Time" setting window, as shown in Figure 2:

Date and Time Settings in Windows 10

Figure 2

3. Drag the small round black dot on the left of "Off" under "Set time automatically" to the right(click on the right of icon like an oval), and then "Set time automatically" will change from "Off" to "On"(see Figure 3), the date and time will no longer stay at the time of shutdown, and the time will no longer show an error.

Set time automatically in Windows 10

Figure 3

It can be seen from the above settings that the Windows 10 time wrong is that the "automatically set time" is not turned on, so the time stays at the shutdown.


III. The motherboard battery is dead, causing Windows 10 time is not correct

If every time the computer is turned on, the time is wrong(usually slow), it is usually because the motherboard battery is dead. This is likely to occur after the motherboard has been used for more than 5 years. At this time, the motherboard battery needs to be replaced. If the time cannot be changed, or if you click the time, the system does not respond or freezes, usually there is a virus in the computer, and the virus needs to be removed.