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Can't print from microsoft Word (6 possible reasons)

Lionsure 2020-11-12 Original by the website

You will occasionally encounter problems that Word documents cannot be printed; there may be different situations, and the reasons for the failure to print are different. The following are some possible reasons. You can compare them according to the situations you encounter.


1. The printer driver may not be installed(Reason one of can't print from microsoft Word)

First check whether the printer driver is installed. The method is: Right-click on "Computer (or This PC, the desktop does not have, open a folder)" → "Properties" → "Device Manager", open the "Device Manager" window, check whether there is a "printer", If not, the printer driver has not been installed.

If it is an XP operating system, right-click on "My Computer" → "Manage" → "Device Manager", open the "Device Manager" window.


2. Whether the default printer is set(Reason two of can't print from microsoft Word)


Select "Start" → "Control Panel" in turn, open the "Control Panel" window; double-click "Printer" to enter the "Printer" window; the icon set as the default printer will have a tick, if none of the icons has a tick, indicating that the default printer is not set.


3. Word setting problem(Reason three of cannot print from microsoft word)

1) If you enter the printer window of control panel, right-click on the printer icon → properties → print a test page, you can print, indicating that it is a Word problem.


2) Check whether the text attribute is set to "hidden" in Word.

Method 1: Select "Tools → Options" in turn, open the "Options" window, and select the "Print" tab. Check if there is a tick in front of the "hidden text" of "Additional Information of Printed Documents". If there is a tick, just remove it.

Method 2: Select the text to be printed, select "Format → Font" in turn (or press Ctrl + D), open the "Font" window, and check whether the "Hidden" under "Effects" is checked. If there is a check, just remove it.


4. Try to modify the "Properties" of printer(Reason four of Word document won't print, Word cannot print due to printer setup)

1) Select "File → Printer(or Print)" in turn, open the "Printer(or Print)" dialog box, select "Properties(or "Printer Properties")", and open the "Printer Properties" dialog box.

2) Select the "Page Setup" tab (or click "Advanced"), check whether the "Paper Size" is correct, or try to change it to other sizes to see if Word document can be printed.


5. The printed document has been waiting but does not print(Reason five of Word document won't print)

1) Right-click the waiting document and select "Cancel" in the pop-up menu.


2) If it does not work, close the Print Service and delete the Print Cache.

A. Close the Print Service: press the Windows logo (left Ctrl and right) + R, open the "Run" window, enter, press Enter on your keyboard, open "Services" window, right-click "Print Spooler"(print service), and select "Close" in the pop-up menu .

B. Delete the Print Cache: open a folder, copy C:\Windows\System32\spool\PRINTERS to the address bar, press Enter, enter the PRINTERS folder, and delete the files inside.

C. Restart the Print Service: Right-click "Print Spooler", and select "Start" in the pop-up menu to continue printing.


6. Word has problems(Reason six of Word document won't print)

If you still can't print after the above checks, uninstall Office and reinstall it. If it doesn't work, you can change to an Office version. If it doesn't work, it may be an operating system problem. You can try to reinstall the operating system if you are sure that the printer has no problem.